Welcome to my website.

Here you can find free use of programs developed (or not) for me in an unassuming way, that you can freely install on your computer. My site is safe, as you can see in the green padlock address bar and the Sectigo trustmark. My site is safe, as you can see in the address bar padlock and on the seal of confidence of

All programs were developed using Object Pascal, a branching derived from Pascal languages, supporting orientation of objects. The primary tool for programming in Object Pascal is the IDE, developed by Embarcadero, formerly known as Borland, Inprise and CodeGear.

For programs that have been developed based on source code from other authors, this information is available on this website and in the program’s own site.

This is also an opportunity to promote the city of Porto, Portugal, voted as the best European destination in the years 2012, 2014 and 2017.

european best destination 2017

A city to be visited by those who do not know it yet. See here an excellent video about the city produced by Luís Costa. Or this one produced by Nico Ruijter.

And meet other extraordinary places of Portugal in this video.